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Lower Your Cholesterol Without Statins in 9 Simple Steps

The following 9 steps can be used to lower the cholesterol level in a healthy way. Despite the fact that there is proof that ties the use of statin drugs to a number of health problems such as muscle pain, diabetes or even cancer, it has been confirmed that one in four Americans above the age of 45 are still consuming them as a standard therapy to lower their high cholesterol levels.

Statin Drugs do harm to your health

Statins exhaust the CoQ10 from your body, which is a serious issue. In addition, people who use statin medications without CoQ10 supplement, cause serious issues to their health.

CoQ10 functions as a cofactor, i.e. co-enzyme which is essential for the creation of ATP molecules fundamental for production of cellular energy. However, organs such as the heart have greater energy necessities, which means that the heart relies on larger quantities of CoQ10 in order to perform properly. Knowing that this co-enzyme is produced in the liver, it also participates in keeping the blood sugar under control.

It can be confirmed that statins are not important in lowering blood cholesterol levels and uncovering your health to serious health issues. 75% of your cholesterol is created in your liver triggered by your insulin levels, which means that by lowering your insulin levels you will instantly lower your cholesterol.

Reduce the Cholesterol Levels in the following 9 ways:
  1. Increase the intake of Vitamin D. As this vitamin has proved very useful for reducing your cholesterol levels and minimizing the risk of developing heart disease.
  2. Avoid consuming as much as you can grains and sugars from your diet. Replace the grains and sugars with more fresh leafy vegetables.
  3. Consume sufficient amount of fish oil.
  4. Enrich your diet with foods which are beneficial for your heart. Such as olive oil, coconut oil, organic eggs, avocados, nuts and seeds, and organic grass-fed meats.
  5. Exercise at a daily basis. Know that even a 20 minutes of effective walking can make a difference.
  6. Limit your subjection to stress, or if you cannot, practice stress-relieving techniques like yoga or meditation.
  7. Decrease the use of cigarettes or alcohol.
  8. Get a sufficient amount of sleep.
  9. Consume red yeast rice.

These techniques present an all-inclusive view to the reduction of high blood cholesterol levels which provides permanent effects as opposed to statin drugs, which lowers your cholesterol while decreasing your health.

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Source: alterhealthcare.com